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Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 10 Things That Have Helped Me Survive this Week

It's been another week.....whew.....
Went and looked at a house - a Big NO on that one....and work has been ugh. The weather is wonderful and it's been hard trying to focus on work when I see blue sky and meadowlarks...

But I'm an adult...I have responsibilities.
Here are the 10 things that made my week bearable....oh a clever PIN to go with some of them.

1) Coffee

2) Wine

3) A good book.  I just finished "The Mask of the Enchantress" by Victoria Holt.  She writes bodice busting mystery books. I recently learned that they are more formally called "gothic novels." My sisters came up this past weekend and spent an hour or better in an old second hand book store.  I was excited to find several by Holt - she is a good writer.  And it was a change of pace from the Will James book I had been working on.  I needed a change of pace.

4) My dogs - Gus and Dally...my excuse to go for long walks with my husband 

5) My husband - yep he made the list!!!   He even came home with some major sale barn swag!  Yeah buddy we got some new ball caps at the house!

6) Lemon - odd right? But I find a slice of lemon takes a glass of ice water or sweet tea to a whole new level!

7) Painting. I've been painting and I love it.  I even have one sold! Imagine that - first one ever!! 

8) Music!!!! Again - the top people I'm listening to is: Lindi Ortega, Ryan Bingham, Zoe Muth and Eric Church. I think I have listened to Give Me Back My Hometown a 100 times.  I dig it. 


9) Being able to call the folks and talk to them
10) Sleep - or at least going to bed at an earlier time than normal.  Yes I have a bedtime and I am not ashamed. 
What are some things you do to cope with a crazy week? 


  1. All the stuff I do and like contributes to the crazy week! Working with 2 puppies, riding my pony, working cows. And yep, going to bed at my bedtime! :) Oh yea, and hubby!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. So happy/proud on you selling your painting! It was beautiful! I'm leaning heavy on the coffee (and wine) lately too but the weather helps also! I found a red dirt/texas country station on my pandora and it has helped to pass the time at work as well :)

  3. Hey Elizabeth!

    Coffee and a good nights sleep are essential to life!

    I started reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It's a true story about her experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

    What would we do without the 4-legged family members that bring us joy?

    Glad you are enoying the opportunity to paint and share your talent.

    Even at 33 years old I find I still need my Mom. We live way to far apart and I'm glad we can call or text any time.

    I like your new header.


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