Every day may not be good...but there is something good in every day.

Sunday, March 30, 2014



So I'm a huge slacker. There are sooo many excuse I could give you for being soo quiet lately.
I could say I was busy, just didn't have the time. 

But the truth of the matter is since the big move back to town. I'm become less motivated and less inspired to write and do things.  It's probably the worst case of 'funk' or whatever you want to call it I've ever had. 

I didn't say it was a good excuse. But it is the truth. 

Today was a nice day - I did lots of laundry. I hung sheets from the deck of our apartment.  It may have looked a little redneck but it made me feel better.  I dug up my flower pots. I'm going to plant some things to set around.

Mr. Martin was asked to ride a horse or two - so we got to bring a saddle up.  Which will be good because with nice weather moving in.....we both tend to get a little stir crazy....and you can only go for a walk about town so many times before you look like a crazy person. Oddly...you would think we would be in better shape....hmmmmmmmmmmmm......

I've been painting and sewing.  My brother and his wife are having a baby and I've been obsessed with making things - I've got 3 projects started.


When I started this blog it was to document our journey from town to farm. I was going to document things on the farm and how we live etc. etc.  I don't have access to farm things at the moment. But this is LIFE! As we all know LIFE is CrAzY and never goes to OUR plan. Bam here we are back in town!

When will we return to farm? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know.  One thing is for certain. Our next move is going to be to a place WE own.  (see above statement about making plans) :)  Good intentions right?

So the blog is gonna change a bit too...I'm not sure how?  I know profound....and random right? But that is how my life is right now.  Up in the air and kinda crazy!

Until next time!!!
Yours Truly....



  1. Elizabeth, this is my favourite kind of stuff. Life is made up of hanging laundry & digging in soil. These are great things. I think it does not matter where you live, it is finding these small things, being so grateful for them and just living. You do a great job of this. Friend, just write, it doesn't have to be all farm, doesn't have to all one thing...we just like a glimpse of YOU, wherever that may be.

  2. Hi Elizabeth!

    I remember being on your site a while back when your landlord decided to sell the property - impromptu - to say the least. Can you send me a link in the comments for where to pick up with the story on your site?

    Glad to hear from you!
    Best, Emily Grace


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