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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Benefits of Living in Town

If I were living in New York or Paris this studio apartment on the downtown square would be divine and oh so trendy - but alas its just a small Midwestern town. 

Well we certainly miss the open pastures and wooly cows but we are learning about a few perks of town living. 

1) Since our two dogs are Aussies and collie dogs are known to be FULL of energy we find ourselves up early in the morning for a half hour walk and we find ourselves walking again in the evening.  That's a lot more exercise and I sleep a heck of a lot better!

2) There is a community center just across the street with a gym.  If we ever settle on a routine we maybe joining. 

3) I like shopping at the little local grocery store. 

4) I'm a whole 5 minutes from work and find time to have breakfast with the husband and extra time to fix and style my hair in different ways.

5) Being so close I get to go home for lunch break now - which means I can eat a little healthier and hang out with my mutts for a bit in the afternoon.

So we are getting into the rhythm of living in town again....it ain't all bad! 


  1. Town does have its perks. But the traffic would keep me awake.

  2. Plus you can get pizza delivered too most times! Haha, that was my favorite perk, food delivery - or options - when I was too lazy to cook. Not as many options when you live in the country!

  3. Glad you are finding a few fun perks to town life, Elizabeth.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration.

  4. I grew up in the country and moved to Saint Louis this past year. I love this city, actually. I was in Columbia, Missouri (attending Mizzou) and I enjoyed it, but it was really just a big town, not a city. I miss the country awfully sometimes, but town isn't all that bad

  5. We are living in town, too, and are feeling the same benefits! Extra time together, being close to work, saving on fuel and having a little extra time to get ready in the morning sure doesn't hurt. Way to see the bright side :) Merry Christmas to you!



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