Every day may not be good...but there is something good in every day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Epic Fail - Back to Square 1

Well this is rather embarrassing....after announcing our news...that will teach me.

The long and short of it is - we were quoted a certain #%$ _____at the bank. Figures were run.  We were all agreed that at that %$#____ everything would be fine.  We were very up front with what we were asking. 

With the banks blessing we pursued the house and acreage....

Today the bank shut us down, couldn't guarantee what was previously agreed upon and we have to pull out of the whole thing.  It sucks.  We are disappointed.  Such is life I guess....

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Direction

Middle April to now has been the most crazy stressful time of my life to date.  Work has been awful - very thankful to those close friends and family who encouraged me.  Looking for and deciding to sign on a house has also been a trip.

Yeah did you catch that last part?  We signed papers on a house!  We are going to own a house!
Which means we have committed to staying in the area we currently live - within 40 miles anyhow.
That has probably been the scariest thing.  The idea of being tied to a place.  I know that sounds crazy but it was something I struggled with.  Family is very important to me and we live about 2 hours away.  By buying a place we are deciding to remain 2 hours away....gulp.   

In the end I believe it is the right decision.  Granted it is a starter home.  I am not sold on the idea that we will be living here the rest of our lives.  I tried explaining this to my husband - I feel that a house or home should just 'fit'. It should feel 100% right.  

I was certain he was the right man, I was certain I found the right wedding dress.  I'm waiting for that feeling...it may or may not come.  But this next step will certainly allow us the room and chance to "start" what we truly want to do - raise a couple head of cows and perhaps a family. 

I am now starting to feel a little bit excited.  I was overwhelmed by the whole proposed plan. 
Remember how I said stress?  I couldn't sleep, I ate extremely poor.  So along with this new house and direction I'm going to get back on a healthier eating tract too.  Cause I feel gross...I think I could sleep for a week.

But in the mean time I find myself looking at color schemes on pinterest and thinking of home d├ęcor.  So changes are a coming - full steam ahead.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little Things

So I was cleaning out my purse this morning - and balancing the check book and I thought of a fun little post.  What's inside of your purse?  

I carry several little special things.....they have been in every bag I have ever owned. No matter where I go I carry them with me.

One of them is my grandma's rosary. I keep it in an old film container.  It's pink pearly and lovely.  It's pretty darn special to me - for one it reminds me of that great lady and also reminds me to pray. 

Next is a buckeye.  Yep.  I found it walking in the woods with my family one fall.  We used to just drive down to the bottom farm and meander around the woods and along the creek.  My brother and sisters would look for antlers, or sticks nawed on by beavers.  We would follow deer trails and look for mussel shells along the creek banks.  It was a lot of fun.  We found a buckeye tree and I kept one of them.  I've been told they are lucky?  I have been very fortunate in life so maybe it's true.

Red lipstick.  I've been fascinated with lipstick since I was small. There is a photo of me when I was very young with it smeared all over my face.  War paint like.  I don't wear it very often - just when I feel ubber confident.

A devotional scapular - it was given to me my parents when I made my first communion.  It's another thing I like to carry with me. Especially since I am on the road a bit.   I didn't start carrying it around regularly until I went on my first plane ride.  To say I was a little nervous was an understatement.  So I put it in my purse and away we went. 

If you look in my wallet you will also find photos of my family. Just cause .

That's a small peak into my purse.  What things do you carry around with you?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 10 Things That Have Helped Me Survive this Week

It's been another week.....whew.....
Went and looked at a house - a Big NO on that one....and work has been ugh. The weather is wonderful and it's been hard trying to focus on work when I see blue sky and meadowlarks...

But I'm an adult...I have responsibilities.
Here are the 10 things that made my week bearable....oh a clever PIN to go with some of them.

1) Coffee

2) Wine

3) A good book.  I just finished "The Mask of the Enchantress" by Victoria Holt.  She writes bodice busting mystery books. I recently learned that they are more formally called "gothic novels." My sisters came up this past weekend and spent an hour or better in an old second hand book store.  I was excited to find several by Holt - she is a good writer.  And it was a change of pace from the Will James book I had been working on.  I needed a change of pace.

4) My dogs - Gus and Dally...my excuse to go for long walks with my husband 

5) My husband - yep he made the list!!!   He even came home with some major sale barn swag!  Yeah buddy we got some new ball caps at the house!

6) Lemon - odd right? But I find a slice of lemon takes a glass of ice water or sweet tea to a whole new level!

7) Painting. I've been painting and I love it.  I even have one sold! Imagine that - first one ever!! 

8) Music!!!! Again - the top people I'm listening to is: Lindi Ortega, Ryan Bingham, Zoe Muth and Eric Church. I think I have listened to Give Me Back My Hometown a 100 times.  I dig it. 


9) Being able to call the folks and talk to them
10) Sleep - or at least going to bed at an earlier time than normal.  Yes I have a bedtime and I am not ashamed. 
What are some things you do to cope with a crazy week? 

Sunday, March 30, 2014



So I'm a huge slacker. There are sooo many excuse I could give you for being soo quiet lately.
I could say I was busy, just didn't have the time. 

But the truth of the matter is since the big move back to town. I'm become less motivated and less inspired to write and do things.  It's probably the worst case of 'funk' or whatever you want to call it I've ever had. 

I didn't say it was a good excuse. But it is the truth. 

Today was a nice day - I did lots of laundry. I hung sheets from the deck of our apartment.  It may have looked a little redneck but it made me feel better.  I dug up my flower pots. I'm going to plant some things to set around.

Mr. Martin was asked to ride a horse or two - so we got to bring a saddle up.  Which will be good because with nice weather moving in.....we both tend to get a little stir crazy....and you can only go for a walk about town so many times before you look like a crazy person. Oddly...you would think we would be in better shape....hmmmmmmmmmmmm......

I've been painting and sewing.  My brother and his wife are having a baby and I've been obsessed with making things - I've got 3 projects started.


When I started this blog it was to document our journey from town to farm. I was going to document things on the farm and how we live etc. etc.  I don't have access to farm things at the moment. But this is LIFE! As we all know LIFE is CrAzY and never goes to OUR plan. Bam here we are back in town!

When will we return to farm? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know.  One thing is for certain. Our next move is going to be to a place WE own.  (see above statement about making plans) :)  Good intentions right?

So the blog is gonna change a bit too...I'm not sure how?  I know profound....and random right? But that is how my life is right now.  Up in the air and kinda crazy!

Until next time!!!
Yours Truly....


Monday, January 6, 2014

13 Things for 2014

I started 2013 with a list of lofty goals of things to do and accomplish.   2013 ended up being less than stellar for us.  We lost a very dear person and we lost the little farm.  I am guilty of having the world’s biggest pity party the entire month of December.

Why so down?

However, we did make new friends and find a new place to live. There are things to be grateful for.  This year I want to focus on a different set of goals – not focus so much on the doing of things but the attitude we conduct ourselves in. 

1)       Look at the glass half full instead of half empty

2)      Think before I speak.  Sometimes tis best to hold thy tongue...

3)      Learn to roll with the punches

4)      Let go of the bad things and hold on to the good.

5)      Quit making mountains out of mole hills

6)      Make the decision to have a good day. I WILL.....
7)       Accept that you cannot change everything....but you can change something's.

8)      Smile at people – from those you bump into at a store to those you pass for a fleeting moment.

9)      When sitting among strangers – strike up a conversation

10)   Do random acts of kindness – be it a kind word, action or deed. 

11)   Be the good and see the good everyday.

12)   Start the day with a prayer on your lips and a song in your heart.

13)   Just keep going….keep moving forward.

Here’s to a better 2014!  What are your goals and resolutions?



2013 Goals Reviewed....Let's see how we did!

Last year I made this list of 25 things for the New Year - here is that list and a review of what we did off that list.  I'm working on a new list for 2014 - What are you goals and resolutions?

 25 things to do in the New Year. (In no special order…)

1)      Have a family BBQ and more family get-togethers.  – kinda sort did em….Still on the list for 2014. 

2)      Go to another rodeo out of state. Options Wade and I have discussed – NFR, WSRRA finals in Winnemucca NV, Pendleton Roundup or Cheyenne Frontier Days.

– Well we went to Amarillo again – such a great rodeo.  This year we def. have our sights on NFR.
3)      Go camping in Yellowstone with some family and friends.  – didn’t happen. A lofty goal…don’t see it in the cards this year.

4)      Practice baking bread and pie – and repeat.  They must pass mom's approval.    I am ashamed…I did not bake hardly anything this year….not one attempt at bread nor pie….

5)      Become a better rider and out rope Wade.  – well I did practice roping…the riding got put on hold.
6)      Plant a garden.  Cross that sucker off I done did it J
7)      Make a big batch of Sangria for a family gathering…Yum!  - This happened too!

8)      Start running/jogging. Or maybe do some Yoga on a regular basis.  – Started in Dec? That counts right?

9)      Try 1 new recipe each week . – I may have fudged on this one

10)   Get a new car - well at least new to me. Done!  A Dodge Nitro – its BA and I LOVE having 4-Wheel Drive.

11)   Make a quilt.  – I got a new sewing machine for Christmas – complete with some pre-cut blocks to sew together…so its in the works.

12)   Take my mom to see the state botanical gardens.  – Best of intentions – well try again in 2014

13)   Print some photos –  and finish a photo project or 3.-  Kinda sorta on this one – did make a few things but have yet to make a series of canvas prints.

14)   Take my sissy out for her 21st – DONE and she had a GREAT time.

15)   Give my sissy an awesome bridal shower. – This was also a success.

16)   Buy a stock trailer.  – This was put on HOLD big time!

17)   Pray more. – work in progress

18)   Find some pasture to rent for our cows. – and if you follow the blog you know this didn’t happen L

19)   Save more money – which maybe hard to do given what I have written down on this list so far.  Was a little more successful on than previous plans.

20)   Start drawing and painting again/regularly. – Best of intentions – but I did do some awesome things in Oct.

21)   Send more letters and cards .  Yep – this was a success.

22)   Really learn how to use different functions on my  camera. *Click*  - again I am learning an feel I’ve got a better handle on some things!

 23)   See the ocean.   – It was a LOFTY goal…..didn’t happen.

24)   Celebrate my next birthday in style – LOL not at a rodeo, well maybe depends on the rodeo and if there is dancing afterwards.   – This didn’t happen either, Oct was a crazy month.

25)   Look for new opportunities. – Constantly everyday…amen!
Stayed tuned for the NEW List!  

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